Live demo for the public OpenMBEE MMS repository

Try the IncQuery Server public demo now, execute model queries and check the validation report on the Thirty Meter Telescope SysML model!

OpenMBEE is an open source community built around a Model-Based Engineering Environment. The OpenMBEE Model Management System (MMS) is a repository for storing SysML models and the OpenMBEE community has a public MMS server hosted by No MagicIncQuery Server can be connected to an MMS repository to allow queries and transformations on models. We host a live IncQuery Server demo connected to the public OpenMBEE MMS server. Guest access to run queries and validation is available to anyone, while access to extended features like indexing additional models and ad-hoc query registration is available on request.

IncQuery Server Demo Screenshots

Launch Demo

You can launch the IncQuery Server for OpenMBEE MMS web console by clicking on the link below. For guest access, please use the credentials below. To try out extended features such as the definition of your own custom queries, or access to non-public organizations and projects on, please contact us through the support form.

Guest access
user: openmbeeguest
password: guest


Some useful links to related webinar content include the open source Jupyter notebook demo repository, the Customized TMT model as featured in the webinar demo, and the slides.