IncQuery Server is a powerful systems engineering design analysis and review tool, for checking and validating engineering models, systems & documents to save costs and gain insights. It is powered by  state-of-the-art cloud-ready model processing back-end optimized for large-scale model-based systems engineering. IncQuery Server can connect to CATIA No Magic Teamwork Cloud and OpenMBEE MMS.

IncQuery Server provides a push-button service for running extensive design rule validation on system engineering models and a web-based reporting interface to review validation results.

IncQuery Server is a bridge between web-based end-user applications and engineering models. IncQuery Server also provides a Web Console to help tool engineers work with its open API. See the features below to learn more, and contact our experts to find out how IncQuery technology can help you unlock the potential of the cloud!

Web Console

The Web Console provides access to the features of IncQuery Server in a web application built using Material design principles.

Custom validation rules

Use the powerful and expressive VIATRA Query Language, Lucene or SPAROL to analyze your models.

Change impact analysis

Discover cross-project dependencies across the entire repository.


IncQuery Server features are also available through an Open API compliant web interface to allow seamless tool integration.


IncQuery Server can perform validation in just few seconds, even when connected to repositories containing thousands of projects with millions of model elements.

IncQuery Server screenshots

Download Details

IncQuery Server is currently available as a free technology preview, with no feature limitations. It has been tested to work with Teamwork Cloud 19.0 SP2 and OpenMBEE MMS 3.x. Use the link below to request an evaluation package, which contains access to Docker images and instructions on setting up and configuring IncQuery Server on your infrastructure. You can also contact our experts using the support form, we would love to help you getting started with IncQuery technology!

For information on IncQuery Server please contact us using the contact from.

Release Notes

You can read the release notes in the support center.