IncQuery Server is a powerful systems engineering design analysis and review tool, for checking and validating engineering models, systems & documents to save costs and gain insights. It is powered by  state-of-the-art cloud-ready model processing back-end optimized for large-scale model-based systems engineering. IncQuery Server can connect to CATIA No Magic Teamwork Cloud and OpenMBEE MMS.

IncQuery Server provides a push-button service for running extensive design rule validation on system engineering models and a web-based reporting interface to review validation results.

IncQuery Server is a bridge between web-based end-user applications and engineering models. IncQuery Server also provides a Web Console to help tool engineers work with its open API. See the features below to learn more, and contact our experts to find out how IncQuery technology can help you unlock the potential of the cloud!

Web Console

The Web Console provides access to the features of IncQuery Server in a web application built using Material design principles.

Custom validation rules

Use the powerful and expressive VIATRA Query Language, Lucene or SPAROL to analyze your models.

Change impact analysis

Discover cross-project dependencies across the entire repository.


IncQuery Server features are also available through an Open API compliant web interface to allow seamless tool integration.


IncQuery Server can perform validation in just few seconds, even when connected to repositories containing thousands of projects with millions of model elements.

IncQuery Server screenshots

Download Details

IncQuery Server is currently available as a free technology preview, with no feature limitations. It has been tested to work with Teamwork Cloud 19.0 SP2 and OpenMBEE MMS 3.x. Use the link below to request an evaluation package, which contains access to Docker images and instructions on setting up and configuring IncQuery Server on your infrastructure. You can also contact our experts using the support form, we would love to help you getting started with IncQuery technology!

For information on IncQuery Server please contact us using the contact from.

Release Notes

  • IncQuery Server 2020.1.1 2020-02-19
    Minor changes

    • Support LDAP based authentication and authorization: Apache Shiro based access control module can be configured to use LDAP realm
  • Bug fixes
    • Properly stop server components in case of errors during initialization
  • IncQuery Server 2020.1 2020-01-23
    Major changes

    • Web console for registering and executing model analysis: The web console has been extended to support the registration and execution of model analysis configurations
    • Element names are resolved in message templates: Validation and model analysis rule messages can include parameter templates that are resolved with the name of elements in the results
    • IAM authentication for Amazon Neptune connections: Amazon Neptune integration can be configured to use IAM based authentication for connections between IncQuery Server and Neptune
    • Support parameter binding in SPARQL queries: Both the web console and the API now supports binding values to SPARQL query parameters
  • Minor changes
    • Various improvements in Neptune integration
      • Automatic clean up S3 bucket after Neptune Loader has been executed
    • Introduced specific permissions for model analysis
    • Repository update processes will no longer overlap, repeated requests will return when the already running update finishes
    • Improved validation of model analysis configurations and related error messages
    • Minor API changes in Analysis and Validation: due to template support, messages are moved to match level from rule level
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixes in SPARQL query execution
      • Do not fail execution on unresolved types
      • Support more complex queries
    • Minor fixes in Model Acquisition API
    • Fixed malformed JSON issues in query storage
    • Various minor fixes
  • IncQuery Server 2019.11 2019-11-29
    Major changes

    • SPARQL query registration and execution: The web console and the API has been extended to support registering SPARQL queries which can be executed on compartments loaded into Amazon Neptune
      • Index manager supports loading persisted model compartment into Amazon Neptune database
      • Query explorer supports registering and executing SPARQL queries
      • Known limitations: parameter binding is not supported in SPARQL query execution
    • Model analysis configuration and execution: The API has been extended to support the definition of analysis configurations from a list of registered queries and the execution of such configurations on model compartments
      • Analysis configurations are persistent and are restored after IQS is restarted
    • API changes:
      • New analysis method family defines methods related to listing, creating, executing and deleting analysis configurations
      • New acquisition method family on the new connector API provides extended integration functionality to support adding model compartment data to the persistent index from an external connector
  • Minor changes
    • Persistent query registry: Registered queries are persistent and are restored after restarting IQS
    • RDF transformation: Optimized memory usage of RDF transform method for large model compartments
    • API changes:
      • Removed NTRIPLES and RDF/XML from the list of supported formats for transforming persisted model compartments.
  •  Bug fixes
    • MMS indexer corrects LiteralInteger values that are incorrectly sent as doubles by the repository
    • Fixed memory leak in transformation to RDF format
    • Various minor fixes
  • IncQuery Server 2019.09.3 2019-11-12
    Minor changes

    • From now, it is possible to configure message delivery timeout in kernel modules
  •  Bug fixes
    • Fixed query package validation in web console
    • Minor fixes in offline mode
  • Known issues
    • Lucene queries can be overwritten by VIATRA queries if the same fully qualified names are given.
  • IncQuery Server 2019.09.2 2019-10-22
    Minor changes

    • It is allowed to skip elements with unknown type in MMS indexer
  •  Bug fixes
    • MMS repository indexer can manage unknown properties in responses
    • Do not set authentication header if Elasticsearch credentials are undefined
  • IncQuery Server 2019.09.1 2019-10-14
    Minor changes

    • Web console design updates:
      • The overall layout has been changed in order to improve the user experience of the surfaces
      • Especially the validation and the impact analysis panel has been redesigned
      • New color schema has been applied
      • From now, previously registered queries can be edited
      • Various minor improvements have been performed to increase the usability
    • From now, users can define names for Lucene queries
  •  Bug fixes
    • Fixed message serialization issues in case of using distributed persistent index
    • Fixed authentication issues of websocket components in case of using TWC based authentication
  • IncQuery Server 2019.09 2019-09-20
    Major changes

    • Web console design updates: We have completely revamped the web console with new colors, new index and query manager trees and improved task cards
      • Index manager can now display both TWC and MMS repository structures, provides search and filter functionality and improved index management
      • Query manager now supports searching and filtering registered queries while query execution now uses a breadcrumb-based scope selector
      • Validation can be started on persisted compartment with in-memory index loading automatically done by the web console
    • Elasticsearch query registration and execution: IncQuery Server now support registering Lucene queries and executing them on model compartments loaded into a configured Elasticsearch instance
    • Task progress tracking: IncQuery Server now provides progress information for tasks related to a compartment, such as indexing from MMS
    • API changes:
      • Query language property in query registry methods to support Lucene queries in addition to VIATRA queries
      • Repository structure now contains author for TWC revisions and MMS commits
  • Minor changes
    • Improved error messages on the web console
    • Clear query registry now has separate role from query registration
    • Update to VIATRA 2.2.0
  • Bug fixes
    • Incomplete persistent index files are now cleaned up after failed indexing tasks
    • Various small fixes


  • IncQuery Server for Teamwork Cloud 2019.07 2019-07-15
    Major changes

    • Introduced additional generic API methods:
      • Transform persisted compartments to various model representations
      • Generic API methods for Amazon Neptune and Elasticsearch integration services
    • Support IncQuery Desktop 1.8 validation rules
  • Minor changes
    • Web Console notifications: Web Console can signal the completion of long running operations as native operating system notifications
    • Repository update responses now contain compartment URIs of new revisions
  • Bug fixes
    • Fix incorrect request validation for query execution parameter binding with primitive types
    • Improved performance of repository update in case of MMS connector
    • Made OpenAPI definition more well-formed
    • Fixed filename escaping in file-based persistent index
    • Avoid concurrent preparation of validation queries


  • IncQuery Server for Teamwork Cloud 2019.05 2019-05-25
    Major changes

    • Web console for working with MMS repositories
    • Clean up Open API specification
    • Introduce additional generic operations
    • Apache Shiro based access control
  • Minor changes
    • Duplicate query registration feedback: The response in case of duplicate registration is more user-friendly both for custom and model queries
    • TWC version checking: IncQuery Server now checks the version of the OSMC API
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed filtering indexed revisions in the repository tree of the Web Console
    • Removed an unnecessary repository update call in the Web Console


  • IncQuery Server for Teamwork Cloud 2019.04 2019-04-10
    Major changes

    • API changes:
      • MMS integration: it is possible to connect to an OpenMBEE MMS repository, retrieve the structure of organizations, projects, refs and commits and index the contents of a specific commit into the persistent index
      • Generic model management operations (index, load, query): these operations refer to TWC revisions as compartments and work with compartments from any supported model repository (such as MMS).
      • Delta service application is no longer needed: the server now uses the /revisionDiff OSMC API introduced in TWC 19.0 SP2 to retrieve changes between revisions
    • Internal changes:
      • Persistent index data storage has been rewritten to use streaming file writing and reading to significantly reduce transient memory usage, write and load back times
      • Persistent index data storage now stores delta information instead of full data index copy leading to significantly faster delta indexing times
  • Minor changes
    • Swagger UI available in the Web Console: the server API can be directly used through a new tab on the console
  • Bug fixes
    • Various small fixes


  • IncQuery Server for Teamwork Cloud 2019.03.1 2019-03-14
    Bug fixes

    • Fixes in Amazon Neptune integration


  • IncQuery Server for Teamwork Cloud 2019.03 2019-03-06
    Major changes

    • New Experimental APIs:
      • Transform persisted revisions into standard model formats such as RDF Turtle or CSV and download them as files from the server
      • Amazon Neptune integration: load a persisted revision into an Amazon Neptune database (e.g. to run SPAR-QL queries on the models)
      • Elasticsearch integration: load a persisted revision into an Elasticsearch instance (e.g. to perform full-text search on element attributes)
    • Internal changes
      • Persistent index can store data from any model source, with TWC revisions handled as generic compartments
  • Minor changes
    • Composition API is used by default during indexing, disable it if you have not yet updated Teamwork Cloud to 19.0 SP1
  • Bug fixes
    • Various small fixes


  • IncQuery Server for Teamwork Cloud 2019.01.2 2019-02-18
    Bug fixes

    • Fix delta indexing related bug in impact analysis of file-based persistent index
    • Add mechanism to retry OSMC requests failing due to connection issues
    • Check revision existence before indexing
    • Fix server startup issues causing incorrect component status


  • IncQuery Server for Teamwork Cloud 2019.01.1 2019-01-23
    Bug fixes

    • Model query registration and validation supports query definition representation changes in IncQuery for MagicDraw 1.7.0
    • Fix register model queries failing on second and later invocations