IncQuery Suite Demo at Conference about Graphs and Natural Language Applications Hosted with Manning

February 25, 2021
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Understanding knowledge graphs and natural language applications are both key ingredients in tackling the digital challenges lying ahead. Our colleague, Géza Kulcsár has initiated a conference, featuring a diverse expert line-up, to take a look at those fields and their potential cross-fertilizations.

Originally planned as a live conference in Budapest (way before the pandemic), the conference has been finally run virtually, in collaboration with Manning Publications, with an extended line-up.

The talk by Géza Kulcsár was focusing on how to apply state-of-the-art natural language processing (NLP) to foster the comprehension of systems modeling artifacts, also breaking that unfortunate accessibility barrier so typical for model-based systems engineering (MBSE) scenarios. It features a live demo of the IncQuery Suite: we have created a prototype which combines the power of the tool's integration capacities on the one hand, and that of the state-of-the-art semantic search on the other. Here, after accessing system models in the cloud, IncQuery Suite turns them into textual artifacts, and provides a powerful, easy-to-use textual search feature allowing for efficient and accessible information retrieval for a wide range of professionals.

Listen to talk on our official YouTube channel.

The full conference, with lots of fascinating talks, is also available on YouTube.

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