The future depends
on great engineering

Great engineering depends not only on great tools, but also on novel ways to foster their interworking in a world of increasing project complexity and interdisciplinary thinking.
We envision an open engineering paradigm, built on collaboration, efficiency, high product quality and a holistic perspective on the digital thread.

The IncQuery Suite realizes that vision.

MBSE Today and Tommorrow

Shifting the Digital
Engineering Paradigm

There are numerous frameworks, standards, and languages addressing various facets of digital engineering.

However, most adopters of MBSE struggle to build truly open and accessible toolchains - most end up buying tools from closed ecosystems, leaving key engineering data trapped in technological silos.

This is where the IncQuery Suite steps in. We aim to bring about a paradigm shift in digital engineering - not unlike the fundamental changes that traditional software engineering underwent in the last decade. We introduce novel, disruptive technologies in three key areas: quality management, automation, and integration.

Breaking the Silos

Drop-In Toolchain Automation

The first step towards improving digital engineering efficiency is to unlock data from silos. To achieve this, the IncQuery Suite comes equipped with a number of connectors that can extract your valuable engineering data by making use of APIs and other interfaces.

This extraction is typically an automated process, that is integrated into your engineering workflow as well as with the existing enterprise infrastructure. To that end, all of our technologies are built on our comprehensive digital engineering DevOps approach.

The key to achieving better quality throughout the engineering lifecycle is to make the best use of engineering data in all phases.

The foundation of this is an accessible and unified data representation layer that scales both horizontally and vertically.

Our OpenAPI-compliant interfaces help you realize seamless integration with off-the-shelf tools as well as custom in-house solutions.

Accessible and unified data
Accessible & unified data
Horizontal and vertical scaling
Horizontal & vertical scaling
Seamless integration
Seamless integration

To maintain the quality of the model of models, the IncQuery Suite offers a unique set of capabilities. Our model query and analysis facilities can be employed for model comprehension, ad-hoc queries, numerical and qualitative model analysis, reporting and dashboard applications.

From simple conformance checks to complex cross-domain and cross-tool consistency validation of the digital thread, the IncQuery Suite provides well-founded answers to the central challenges of digital engineering: correctness, completeness and consistency of models and datasets.

We allow for proven techniques and solutions proven in software engineering to become available in a digital engineering context, be it modern, accessible web-based user interfaces, continuous integration and delivery, test case management, or integration with Git, Jira, Confluence and many more.

The accessibility and integration philosophy of the IncQuery Suite makes digital engineering available to a broader audience than ever seen before: not only established industrial players, but also innovative SMEs, students and educators, hobby practitioners and many other stakeholders can profit from interacting with the IncQuery Suite.

A thinking inspired by modeling, cutting-edge software development, DevOps and lifecycle management, our vision is to combine the best aspects of each field into a unique, yet manifold offering: the IncQuery Suite.

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Our Solutions

The comprehensive, multi-faceted IncQuery Suite consists of several interconnected solutions, each of them contributing to realizing the vision.

IncQuery Desktop

IncQuery Desktop is an add-on to MagicDraw/Cameo that integrates custom query and validation features right into your desktop SysML authoring environment. Take advantage of the powerful VIATRA Query Language to create expressions, custom tables, relation maps, as well as generic queries that are evaluated instantaneously, even for large models.

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IncQuery Model Validator

IncQuery Model Validator is a framework for standalone reporting applications, designed to help with automated quality assurance for modeling workflows. It comes with well-formedness checking rulesets for various languages and standards, including SysML and other UML profiles, as well as AUTOSAR. The apps also integrate into your DevOps infrastructure seamlessly, enabling systems engineers to quickly get direct and comprehensible feedback on the quality of their design work.

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IncQuery Model Integrator

IncQuery Model Integrator is a framework for standalone applications designed to allow systems engineers to automate information sharing between various engineering tools. IncQuery Model Integrator provides bridge applications that automatically perform conversion, with full traceability support, to build and maintain the connective tissue of the digital thread.

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IncQuery Server

IncQuery Server integrates into your on-premise infrastructure to enable our solutions to scale to large and complex models and teams. It connects to your silos, extracts the engineering data, and builds and maintains the knowledge graph, a complete representation of your digital thread. It allows systems engineers and analysts to execute queries directly on this representation, using several different query languages such as VQL, SPARQL, and ElasticSearch.

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IncQuery Model Viewer

IncQuery Model Viewer is a web-based, easy-to-use tool to browse and visualize your engineering data as it is represented in the knowledge graph. The Model Viewer is built with teamwork in mind: it allows easy access to multiple revisions of the same project, as well as change tracking and diffing. It is meant as the companion solution to IncQuery Server, to help analysts and reviewers to improve the efficiency and reduce friction.

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IncQuery Model Analyzer

IncQuery Model Analyzer is a flexible and customisable workbench for analysts. Extending the capabilities of the IncQuery Model Validator, the IncQuery Server and the Model Viewer, and incorporating the powerful Jupyter ecosystem, the Model Analyzer allows you go beyond model queries and build analysis notebooks and dashboards.

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Ways of Adoption

The IncQuery Suite is designed in a flexible and modular way, allowing for several different adoption strategies, depending on your and your organizations' needs.

What are some typical ways to get involved with the IncQuery Suite?

In any case, you do not have to solely rely on the software you receive, but also on our continuous services, helping you all along the way, according to what you really want to achieve.

First step

Getting Started

As a first step, an individual user can install the standalone solutions of the IncQuery Suite, including all flavors of IncQuery Model Validator, and Model Integrator, as easy deployable, off-the-shelf software applications. IncQuery Desktop is also provided as an add-on to MagicDraw/Cameo products. All solutions are activated using FlexNet licenses.

To help with getting started, the documentation contains detailed explanations, tutorials, as well as sample project templates so you can become productive very quickly. Additionally, we offer comprehensive and custom-tailored trainings, as well as online support by our team of experts.

Second step

Connect & Customize

IncQuery Model Validator and Integrator can also be deployed in command line mode, as part of a DevOps pipeline, using common platforms such as Jenkins. This allows a small team of engineers and other stakeholders to take advantage of automated quality assurance capabilities.

Going further, a larger team with our IT support can deploy the IncQuery Server, connect it to your toolchain using the connectors, build and continuously maintain your knowledge graph, which can be used for query and search usecases.

The IncQuery Model Viewer allows other team members access and consume engineering data directly from your digital thread.

If you need help with taking advantage of these capabilities and tailoring them to your specific needs, we offer customization services, that may include writing custom queries, validation and mapping rules, visualization extensions, and many more.

Third step

Analyze & Evolve

IncQuery Model Analyzer incorporates all capabilities offered by stand-alone solutions, but takes advantage of the scalable IncQuery Server execution engine, as well as the open and extensible Jupyter open source analytics ecosystem, to offer the best experience to engineering analysts and give them unprecedented power into digital thread analytics.

To complement this, we offer additional integration and custom development services, e.g. to create additional connectors for your in-house tools, develop new capabilities, and integrate IncQuery Suite features directly into your tools using our OpenAPI interfaces.

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