Automation is the Future of Digital Engineering

Today, a lot of engineering effort is a waste of time, with data re-entry and copy-paste across heterogeneous toolchains. This is a major source of design flaws, which lead to cost overruns, inconsistencies and potentially catastrophes.

The way to fix this is through engineering automation.

Our Vision

By 2035, INCOSE envisions a world where digital engineering permeates every aspect of life.

The IncQuery Suite aims to be an enabler and a catalyst to realize this vision, by creating a vendor-neutral digital thread platform, which is automated, scalable, flexible, and open.


IncQuery's digital thread will connect data and metadata together, bridging your work seamlessly across tool boundaries, with quality gates to ensure that consistency is maintained along the way.


From individual hobbyists to SMEs and large enterprises, IncQuery aims to make digital engineering accessible to everyone – be it domain experts, business stakeholders, or educators and students.


IncQuery is built with modern technologies based on the web and the cloud. Our team provides consultancy services so that you can customize the solutions to your needs.


IncQuery's digital thread is open to both end-users and third-party developers through our OpenAPIs and open-source libraries, so that we can build a new ecosystem and empower users together.

The Benefits of Digital Engineering Automation

The IncQuery Suite aims to assist a wide spectrum of stakeholders of the digital engineering process, catering to a multitude of interests and ways of working.

The chart of the traditional relationship between stakeholders

Leaders are primarily working with dashboards and reports. However, they typically have to rely on key personnel to gain a comprehensive understanding of the overall product evolution.

Requirement engineers are focusing on identifying the main product features and capabilities. What is typically missing is a link between the resulting requirements and systems design artefacts.

Systems and domain engineers are using SysML and further domain-specific (ECAD, simulation, …) tools. Inconsistencies between the different domain-specific models are not adequately handled in state-of-the-art solutions, leading to manual synchronization tasks.

System integrators are responsible for reviewing and integrating the individual contributions of engineers. They lack a flexible, adaptable, yet efficient model change management solution that allows them to reduce overhead on these tasks.

Quality assurance engineers are working with validation and testing tools. QA data comes from a wide range of tools, thus, creating comprehensive QA reports involves a lot of tedious manual work.

The chart of the Y-model introduced by IncQuery Suite

Automated quality gates

Validation reports and dashboards that highlight design errors and display quality-related KPIs in a customizable fashion.
This might be primarily relevant for quality assurance engineers in automating tedious manual reviews and fine-tuning their validation processes.

Learn more about IncQuery Model Validator

Handover automation

Bridges capable of moving data, metadata, and documents between tools automatically.
While useful for everyone, domain engineers might particularly benefit from this functionality, helping in replacing redundant and error-prone data re-entry with automated import-export steps.

Learn more about IncQuery Model Integrator

Traceability management

Traceability management relies on web-based techniques to build the connective tissue of the digital thread, i.e., cross-links between data/metadata/documents on a fine-grained level. Thus, systems engineers get a chance to fulfill the purpose of their work and make system models the single source of truth!

Learn more about IncQuery Model Analyzer

Change management

Change management involves a history-aware view of the digital thread that can show differences between evolution steps and various perspectives in a tool-independent way. System integrators might profit largely from reducing painful communication overhead and error-prone merging tasks via powerful change impact analysis features.

Learn more about IncQuery Model Viewer

Holistic view of the digital thread

An accessible, web-based and tool-neutral way to maintain an overview of all your engineering data, metadata and documents. Leaders will particularly enjoy the easy-to-use, customizable interface for querying and analyzing engineering data across all disciplines, getting valuable insights and reports on the key KPIs and the overall progress.

Learn more about IncQuery Server

Bringing the IncQuery Suite Into Your Organization

The IncQuery Suite can become part of your organization and tool ecosystem in various ways. We are happy to guide you through the whole process through direct, continuous support, as well as engineering consultancy, integration and customization services.


Out of the box, several IncQuery solutions can be installed as standalone applications, bringing the power of automated quality gates and handover automation right into your desktop environment on all major OSs.

In particular, Desktop is delivered as a plug-in to CATIA No Magic SysML tools, while Validator and Integrator come with their own GUIs.


Validator and Integrator also integrate seamlessly with your DevOps environment (based on Jenkins or similar tools), using their easy-to-use command line APIs.

This way, the entire team can benefit from automated quality gates and and handover automation, right inside your DevOps pipeline, so that reports and derived projects can be delivered as build artefacts.


The complete IncQuery Suite is delivered as an on-premises SaaS package, based on Kubernetes clustering technology, with enterprise scalability and OpenID-based authentication and authorization.

Server and Viewer provide a holistic view of the complete digital thread, including change management, through web apps, while Analyzer provides advanced querying and traceability analytics through a combination of web apps as well as an integrated JupyterLab deployment.

The diagram of the tool ecosystem

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