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IncQuery Model Integretor


The next level of automation in your engineering process, the Integrator is an application for realizing seamless information flow in your toolchain by providing automated, traceable and customizable data transfer between engineering domains.

Key Features

Powerful Queries at Your Fingertips

IncQuery Server supports several ways of querying,
validating and analyzing your engineering data.
The Eclipse VIATRA Query Language (VQL) is the best in class graph query language with high expressive power and lightning-fast query execution to elevate your analysis workflows. Optimized for quick analysis results within the scope of a single project, VQL supports writing simple and complex validation rules, organizing them into reusable query libraries.
Based on Amazon Neptune, IncQuery Server can generate a standard RDF-compliant representation of the knowledge graph and run SPARQL queries across several projects. This type of analysis is best suited for working with tools that have OSLC-compliant interfaces as they have a native RDF-compliant data model.
In many cases, structural query languages such as VQL or SPARQL may be too complex to perform simple searches. In such cases, IQS supports full-text search using simple search terms or property expressions in the Apache Lucene syntax, as supported by ElasticSearch.  
SysML projects are often build with using reusable libraries, such as profiles or referenced projects. IQS helps the maintenance of such libraries using the Dependency Analysis feature, which makes it easy to discover cross-project references across all versions and in a global project scope, on the model element level.
Bridges for an Integrated Engineering Experience
Integrator offers a number of industry-relevant bridges between the most important domains, easily customizable for your use-cases and practices.
The Integrator does not only transfer data between your domains, it does so by maintaining an integrated and analyzable trace set for an efficient, incremental change handling, consistency validation and round-trip engineering.
DevOps Readiness
Bridges are available as stand-alone applications, but also as DevOps-ready artifacts integrating seamlessly into any CI/CD pipeline.
Data Creation by Automated Transformations
A bridge offers ready-to-use, rule-based transformations between the respective domains, providing a well-founded, automated mechanism for extending your knowledge graph without compromising its consistency.

ARUML bridge

Automotive Integration:
the ARUML bridge

The ARUML bridge generates UML-compliant documentation from your AUTOSAR models, empowered by a complete UML profile for AUTOSAR. It supports multiple revisions of the AUTOSAR standard (from 4.0 to R21-12), projects consisting of multiple ARXML files, and essential AUTOSAR concepts like software components, runnables, data types, interfaces and ports. The customizable bridge design makes it easy to accommodate any further UML profiles.

The ARUML bridge comes with embedded traceability, mapping AUTOSAR element identifiers to those within UML. In addition, the bridge tightly integrates with Enterprise Architect, offering seamless incremental updates and roundtrip engineering via LieberLieber's Lemontree.

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