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We are an international team of engineering experts with a strong research and development background.

We strive to be the trusted industry partner for engineering organizations working in mission- and safety-critical contexts, to make their work easier and faster.

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Why do you need Digital Engineering?

Today, engineers working in aerospace, automotive, biomedical and other mission critical domains face a productivity challenge that has a significant impact on cost, quality, and time to market.

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Lack of overview

Along their process, organizations use a multitude of tools that often belong to different vendor ecosystems. This results in fragmentation, increased redundancy, and impeded reuse, preventing key stakeholders from maintaining their overview.

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Lack of automation

Even in a fragmented environment, engineers need to maintain flow of data across disciplines and phases. Technological limitations around ecosystem boundaries imply that the process is still document-centric, often involving manual and error-prone techniques such as copy-paste and data re-entry.

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Lack of customization

A typical approach to working around these problems is to develop engineering tool add-ons or plug-ins in order to make exporting and importing data easier or align functionality with organization-specific requirements. However, the development and ongoing maintenance of such solutions could be challenging and expensive due to the technical limitations around tool interfaces.

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Lack of openness

As a result, engineering organizations are faced with a dual lock-in problem. Their engineering data is locked into silos, and their custom solutions are locked into vendor ecosystems – stopping them from finding new and innovative ways of using their engineering data, as their most valuable asset.


We guide you along your Digital Engineering journey

Embracing Digital Engineering delivers game-changing benefits, especially in precision- and mission-critical sectors. This approach provides a holistic overview of all project data, significantly reducing the chance of errors and inconsistencies throughout the lifecycle. Digital Engineering allows for early detection and correction of errors, streamlining costs and facilitating smoother collaboration across diverse teams and supply chains. Although the upfront investment in licenses and training may be substantial at first glance, these costs quickly pay off as efficiency and reuse increase, resulting in considerable long-term savings.

We strive to make your journey to your future of Digital Engineering as smooth as possible.

In navigating the complexities of MBSE adoption, systems engineers are met with the challenge of not just integrating complex models but also ensuring consistency and efficiency across various engineering disciplines. ​IncQuery, offering specialist consultancy, stands out as an invaluable ally in this journey, offering a comprehensive suite of services designed to address these challenges head-on. ​Our expertise spans MBSE consultancytoolchain architecture, as well as modelling and training services, enabling a holistic approach to systems engineering that enhances both the adoption process and the overall engineering workflow.

Our Services

Model-Based Systems Engineering

  • Consulting
  • Training
  • Modelling

Digital Thread & Digital Twins

  • Quality assurance
  • Workflow automation
  • End-to-end tool integration and migration solutions

Tool Development & Customization

  • Bespoke add-ons and plugins
  • Product co-development

Tool Platform Engineering

  • Infrastructure engineering
  • Automation solutions and support for your IT
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Our Products

The IncQuery Suite is a new family of products for digital engineering automation, so you can double productivity and reduce hidden costs by 30%.

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Model governance

Model governance is about defining quality criteria for data exchange in engineering workflows, as well as consistently enforcing policies and style guidelines across several stakeholders and organizations.

Through model governance, you can make sure that your models are free of common mistakes and anti-patterns, understandable across several teams, complete, consistent in style and conforming to standards.

Handover automation

Handover automation means automatically moving data, metadata, and documents between engineering tools and, thus, streamlining transitions between various engineering phases, such as requirements-to-architecture design, or architecture-to-detailed design.

Through handover automation, you can make sure that your processes and workflows are free from manual data re-entry and copy-paste, easily adaptable to evolving project needs, fully traceable and reproducible, seamlessly integrated and efficient.

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