IncQUery Autosar-UML Bridge

Say goodbye to manual synching

The IncQuery AUTOSAR-UML Bridge is The ultimate solution for Assisted Documentation Creation and Automated Handover. It can streamline your automotive engineering workflow by generating high-quality UML models from AUTOSAR projects, with built-in ISO26262 and ASPICE compliance.

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Use cases

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Helps Automotive Software Architects to expedite documentation creation by generating UML models from AUTOSAR for architecture design. 

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Assits Automotive Software Engineers with transitioning to detailed design by adding UML-based internal behavior and interface descriptions to AUTOSAR projects.


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Supports all AUTOSAR versions (including the Classic and Adaptive Platforms) via ARTOP.

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Push-button solution that runs in minutes, instead of a month-long manual process.

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Tight integration with Enterprise Architect 15/16 and LemonTree by LieberLieber.

Main features

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Bootstraps a UML model with a complete and faithful representation of all AUTOSAR elements, so that you can easily create UML diagrams.

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Streamlines collaboration between AUTOSAR and UML/SysML stakeholders by propagating changes within agile iterations.

Iteration illustration representing the iterative workflow brought by IncQuery Autosar-UML Bridge

Challenges of using UML and SysML in Automotive Projects

Automotive software architects and systems engineers spend a lot of time with creating ISO26262-compliant documentation, by creating UML models from AUTOSAR architecture designs, or establishing traceability between requirements captured in SysML and design artefacts that exist in both modeling languages. However, as a project progresses and the work of engineers diverge, keeping AUTOSAR and UML/SysML in synch can be a tedious, slow, and error-prone task – especially when you are already grappling with tight timelines and limited resources.

Furthermore, as AUTOSAR focuses on architecture and interfaces, the transition from architecture to detailed design may also impose copy-pasting or re-entering data into a UML tool. This is a major source of frustration for software engineers, who just want to focus on their work instead of wasting time.

The culprit in both cases is the lack of automation, resulting in missed deadlines and cost overruns.

Our solution

IncQuery AUTOSAR-UML Bridge

This works for both documentation purposes, as well as handover automation between architecture and detailed design. The IncQuery AUTOSAR-UML Bridge creates UML elements for the complete AUTOSAR hierarchy, so that software component and sequence diagrams can be created easily. Its seamless integration with Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect helps to streamline the overall design process.

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Furthermore, it can also work with LieberLieber’s LemonTree, to enable agile iterations where collaborating architects and engineers can easily merge changes from AUTOSAR into the corresponding UML model, without having to redo or delete anything. Finally, your team can focus on really important tasks, instead of wasting time with manual work. Say goodbye to manual processes and embrace this cutting-edge solution today.

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Key Features

Workflow illustration representing the streamlined workflow brought by IncQuery Autosar-UML Bridge

Fast and scalable push-button solution

The IncQuery AUTOSAR-UML Bridge provides a push-button solution for creating and maintaining UML models based on an AUTOSAR project. Supporting all versions of AUTOSAR via the ARTOP framework, the AUTOSAR-UML Bridge allows you to automatically import any AUTOSAR project into Enterprise Architect and create a complete and faithful representation of all AUTOSAR elements, properly stereotyped with an automatically generated profile that corresponds to the particular version of AUTOSAR used. Even large AUTOSAR projects can be imported safely, without losing fidelity.

Complete and faithful representation of AUTOSAR in UML

The imported elements can then be used to create various UML diagrams, such as software compositions, sequences and others. Additionally, you can also link them to SysML projects, e.g., to establish requirement realization relationships for the purpose of ISO26262/ASPICE-compliant traceability capture.

Illustration showing the complete and faithful representation of AUTOSAR in UML

Tight integration with LemonTree

The IncQuery AUTOSAR-UML Bridge is tightly integrated with LieberLieber’s LemonTree, a state-of-the-art diff-and-merge tool for Enterprise Architect. This integration allows Automotive Systems or Software Engineers to use LemonTree’s capabilities to easily follow up on AUTOSAR changes, by re-importing and safely merging into the Enterprise Architect UML project. This way, UML stakeholders can stay in synch in every project iterations, without having to waste time on manual reviews and data reentry.

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