Arrowhead fPVN Project Kick-Off: Revolutionizing Industrial Productivity

The newly launched Arrowhead fPVN project aims to double European industrial productivity with a focus on seamless information interoperability, significantly bolstered by IncQuery's technological contributions.
November 23, 2023

The Arrowhead flexible ProductionValue Network (fPVN) project, funded by the Key Digital Technologies Joint Undertaking, has officially commenced. This ambitious initiative seeks to double European industrial productivity by leveraging transformative, autonomous, and evolvable information interoperability within resilient and adaptive production value networks. A key aspect of this project involves the utilization of the IncQuery Suite products and their added services, which are crucial in addressing industrial standards and facilitating translations between established standards. This approach ensures significant boost in manufacturing productivity and flexibility.

More information is available at the Arrowhead fPVN website and our project page.

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