Contributing to the industry at Embedded World 2019

IncQuery Labs participated in the Embedded World 2019 conference and exhibition. See our colleague's interview!
April 11, 2019

IncQuery Labs’ Balázs Tarnóczi contributed to the embedded technology industry at Embedded World 2019 conference and exhibition by interviewing several companies about their latest advancements.

The Embedded World expo in Nurenberg is the biggest event of the year, where thousands of embedded industry-players are presenting their innovations each year. As we think, it’s important to keep our fingers on the pulse of the industry, Balázs Tarnóczi represented IncQuery Labs on this event. Since he was already running his tech-themed series on YouTube, called Wide Nation Inc., he took the chance to introduce some of the latest technologies he met with to the viewers. The two episodes, covering the expo also features interviews with a few of our partners, including Itemis and Logi.Cals.  

If you want to expand your knowledge about the latest embedded technologies, pay a visit to the video report and expect similar videos soon on our YouTube channel.

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