Don't Miss the Recording of our Joint Webinar on Consistency Analysis for Multi-Domain Engineering

Discover how a connected toolchain can streamline complex design scenarios and provide powerful quality checks over the entire digital thread.
April 17, 2023

Missed our joint webinar with Vitech on Automated Consistency of System Architecture and Detailed Physical Design? No worries! You can still catch up by watching the recording, available now at the link below (after registration):

During the webinar, Istvan Rath, CEO of IncQuery, and Enrique Krajmalnik, CEO of Zuken Vitech, demonstrated how a connected toolchain for a multi-domain engineering scenario can improve the complex electrical harness design process. They also highlighted the importance of consistency analysis covering all the design domains and phases, providing powerful, automated quality checks and in-depth analytics over the entire digital thread.

The webinar was aimed at systems engineers, original equipment manufacturers, harness manufacturers, and engineering directors looking for innovative toolchains to handle present and future levels of system complexity. It was a great opportunity to learn about the IncQuery Suite, an innovative integration and analysis platform for getting your work done faster.

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