Eclipse DemoCamp Budapest November

It was a succesful Eclipse DemoCamp Budapest last week. Learn more about the presentations in the article!
November 28, 2016

It was a succesful Eclipse DemoCamp Budapest last week, we hope everybody enjoyed the event! During the evening the speakers dealt not only with Eclipse related topics but with the specialty of telecommunicatons and auotmotive too. Thanks to the speakers for sharing their competency, opinion and thoughts.

István Ráth: Best of EclipseCon Europe – István in his talk presented how Eclipse ecosystem changed in the past few years, what are the newest trends and innovations that can be interesting for an Eclipse user.

Gergely Seres:Efficient development of OSGi-based applications wit Maven+Eclipse tools – Gergely unfolded what challenges do they facing in a large company, in what areas can be Eclipse technologies used.

Balázs Zsoldos: Efficient development of OSGi-based applications with Maven + Eclipse tools – Balázs spoke about difficulties that programmer pfofessionals are facing nowadays, what kind of factors result efficiency loss and how Eclipse helped all of this.

Tamás Ondró: Future trends of automotive, automatized transport in everydays – Tamás’ talk presented what kind of difficulties released in automotive and in what perspective can we thinking about the automatized transport.

Thanks to Ericsson Hungary and Eclipse Foundation for the support.

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