IncQuery Joins Forces in the Innovative OpenSCALING Project

Continuing the Legacy of EMBrACE Project
January 5, 2024

We at IncQuery are delighted to announce our participation in the "OpenSCALING - Open standards for SCALable virtual engineerING and operation" project, generously supported by the NKFIH and ITEA4. This venture marks a significant continuation from our previous involvement in the EMBrACE project. In OpenSCALING, we will collaborate closely with SAAB, our main partner, among the 25 partners from 5 different countries, over the next three years.

About OpenSCALING:
OpenSCALING's mission aligns with the ambitious goals set by the European Climate Law: a 55% reduction in net greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and leading Europe towards climate neutrality by 2050. The project focuses on enhancing open standards and advancing modeling and simulation tools, crucial for large-scale systems and distributed controllers aimed at reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Our Legacy and Future in OpenSCALING:
Building on our experiences and successes in the EMBrACE project, we at IncQuery are excited to delve deeper into the realms of systems engineering and simulation. Our partnership with SAAB in OpenSCALING will focus on bridging SysML and simulation specifications, such as FMI and Modelica.

Impact Through Innovation:
OpenSCALING will demonstrate its advancements in the energy, building, aviation, and automotive sectors. We will see innovations like green hydrogen production, efficient heat pumps, fuel cell propulsion systems, and electrified vehicles, showcasing the practical applications of our collaborative efforts.

For more details and regular updates on this exciting journey, visit the official OpenSCALING website.

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