IncQuery Labs at MODELS 2020

Our colleagues gave presentations at the MODELS 2020 Conference. Read the details. in the article!
November 3, 2020

Languages and Systems (MODELS 2020) was organized between October 16-23. MODELS is the most prestigious scientific venue of model-based software and systems engineering, which welcomes attendees with diverse backgrounds including researchers, academics, engineers and industrial professionals.

Attendees of MODELS 2020 present cutting-edge research results and innovative practical experiences related to modeling and model-driven software and systems engineering.

This year’s edition had a special focus on innovative applications of modeling in emerging application areas such as cyber-physical systems, embedded systems, socio-technical systems, cloud computing, big data, machine learning, security, open source, and sustainability.

Our colleagues gave presentations and workshops about various topics during MODELS 2020. Most of them are available on demand by clicking on the links.

Learn more about the award and the MODELS 2020 Conference.

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