IncQuery Labs awarded "Responsible Employer of the Year"

We won the small business category award by the Hungarian OFA Nonprofit Ltd. for our responsible employment initiatives
December 3, 2021

The success of IncQuery Labs lies in the aptitude of our colleagues. We take pride in our professional team that consists of 8 internationally recognized Ph.D. researchers, additional experts in research and engineering, an expanding group of qualified young and motivated software engineers, and an operation department that supports the crew's work. Our goal is to continue our growth while maintaining a family-oriented, stimulating workplace atmosphere and helping our colleagues develop their skillset and deepen their professional knowledge.

We are proud to announce that we won the "Responsible Employer of the Year" award in the small business category by the Hungarian OFA (National Public Employment) Nonprofit Ltd.

OFA Nonprofit Ltd. has been running its "Responsible Employer of the Year" competition since 2016 to recognize and reward employers in Hungary who place their core value on human resources. The competition invites employers to highlight their good practices and HR interventions that go beyond the requirements of the law and contribute to employee well-being, satisfaction, retention, and engagement. In 2021, priority themes of responsible employment included:  

These values are of the utmost importance at IncQuery Labs. We aim to create an inspiring and supporting workplace through creative, unique, and innovative solutions in the spirit of responsible employment.

In the past one and a half years, we tried our best to overcome all difficulties caused by the pandemic. We developed our home office regulations with flexible working hours and aided our employees with the necessary tools to create an optimal work-at-home environment. We also provided testing possibilities for COVID19 to our colleagues and their loved ones.  

To further support our employees' health and well-being, IncQuery Labs offered various health promotion, health improvement, and community programs both online and offline. We organized bi-monthly sports challenges with the help of the Movespring application and invited experts to talk about mental and physical health, mindfulness, and stress management.

We placed a great emphasis on community and team building during the pandemic. Our HR department coordinated virtual coffee sessions and game nights with computer games and digitalized versions of our favorite board games. We also organized study sessions and study groups for sharing skills and knowledge. Our employees can learn languages, acquire any soft or hard skill relevant to their position and participate in offline or online courses.

Read more about our responsible employment initiatives on the official site of OFA. The "Responsible Employer of the Year 2021" publication is available in Hungarian.

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