IncQuery Labs joins the Eclipse Foundation

"We are excited to be an officially recognized member of this large and vibrant open source community”
March 7, 2016

Eclipse is an open source community with projects focusing on providing an extensible development platform and application frameworks for building software. It is a large and vibrant ecosystem, where major technology vendors, innovative start-ups, universities, research institutions and individuals come together to complement and support the Eclipse Platform. Eclipse projects are made possible by the Eclipse Foundation, a nonprofit corporation, solely supported by its members.

As a young and innovative company, IncQuery Labs’ mission is to accelerate technology transfer from cutting-edge academic research to top-notch industrial projects. Bringing over 50 years of total R&D experience in model driven engineering the company offers professional consultancy, development and training services in the area of model queries, domain-specific language engineering, incremental solutions and performance tuning, configuration design and deployment, tool development and integration, as well as testing and verification.

As key contributors to open source projects such as VIATRA, the company has been using Eclipse tools and frameworks for many years now, successfully working with a number of multinational clients across several industries. Additionally, colleagues of the company frequently attend events organized by the Foundation and give numerous presentations at Eclipse conferences.Furthermore, IncQuery Labs is committed to the dissemination of Eclipse’s principles, techniques and benefits, hence experts of the firm are actively involved in Eclipse-related professional training courses in Hungary.

“Joining the Eclipse Foundation is a significant undertaking for us, and we are excited to be an officially recognized member of this large and vibrant open source community”, say István Ráth and Ákos Horváth, co-founders and Managing Directors of IncQuery Labs. „Open source provides unique possibilities for developers and end users to collaborate on innovative software platforms, and the portfolio of IncQuery Labs is a good example how this potential can be used for the shared benefit” – explains Mike Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation. „Innovative SMEs are very important for the Eclipse Community, in order to further strengthen its leading position in areas such as software modeling.”

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