IncQuery Labs presents IncQuery Suite at the Arrowhead Tools "Vaccine" workshop

In the middle of April, the “Vaccine” workshop for the project was held featuring a novel presentation of IncQuery Suite
May 4, 2021

On April 13-15, the Arrowhead Tools project held the next edition of its half-yearly plenary workshop series. Obviously, still online - that's why the workshop, whose earlier live editions have been named after their respective host cities, has been nicknamed "Vaccine", expressing a hope for more personal interactions in the last year of the project!

As in the past, the contributions of IncQuery Labs will continue to play an important, even driving role in the model-based engineering strategy of the Arrowhead platform. In order to elevate that strategy to a new level, both conceptually and technologically, on the Vaccine workshop, we have presented an innovative concept based on the IncQuery Suite. Having realized that advanced interoperability plays an important role in the future of both systems engineering and Industry 4.0, our solution provides a means for a seamless semantic interworking between the various components of any complex Arrowhead installment, relying on the global, interconnected data representation of the IncQuery Server.

You can watch the presentation on IncQuery Labs’ YouTube channel:

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