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June 12, 2022

IncQuery Group has had the honor of being featured in the March 2022 edition of Project Performance International Systems Engineering Newsjournal. PPI plays a leadership role within the systems engineering community, and as a member of the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) Corporate advisory board, they have been working together for two decades on improving the practice of systems engineering. Such a prestigious publication acknowledging the release of IncQuery Suite indicates how our vision of creating a comprehensive digital engineering platform continues to be recognized throughout the industry.

The feature article highlights our goal, which is bringing about a paradigm shift in digital engineering by introducing novel technologies in three key areas: quality management, automation and integration, envisioning an open engineering paradigm, fostering collaboration, efficiency, high product quality and a holistic perspective, in order to achieve and maintain better quality throughout the product lifecycle, while not increasing, or maybe even reducing engineering costs. IncQuery Suite provides comprehensive solutions for systems engineering problems listed in the article: against technological silos and vendor lock-in, IncQuery Group has created the Server, the heart of the infrastructure, able to turn data fragments into an integrated engineering knowledge graph; to increase accessibility, the Viewer offers model inspection, change-tracking and simple search features directly from a browser; the Validator comes with built-in, automated validation and conformance verification features for SysML, AUTOSAR and many more, as well as a smooth integration into a dev-ops infrastructure; the Desktop serves as a bridge between existing, established toolchains and IncQuery Suite; the three main analysis challenges – correctness, completeness, consistency – are tackled by the Analyzer, a flexible and customizable extension of the Validator, allowing users to build their own analysis scenarios; to alleviate the tediousness and error-prone nature of inter-domain data transfer, the Integrator enables the efficient transfer of data between all the domains and contexts involved in a digital thread.

IncQuery Group will be present as contributors at the 32nd Annual INCOSE International Symposium; our delegates are always more than happy to answer any questions about IncQuery Suite in person.

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