InstaCoverage 2.1 - SW test phase at its best

InstaCoverage is a booster to help in testing to LabVIEW from National Instruments.
September 17, 2018

Have you ever wondered, how your washing machine can maintain the exact temperature of the inner heated water and not blow up at the same time because of the electronics that ventilates the washing drum? Or how intelligent a fridge can work? You may think that our demands growing faster than science itself. To maintain the sustainable evolution of technology, failures aren’t accepted.

That’s why testing is one of the most important things at development that we acknowledge well. InstaCoverage is a booster to help in testing to LabVIEW, the world-wide accepted program of measurement and test automation engineers from National Instruments.  

The original version speeded up testing by 100 times, shortening a test phase down to minutes, while calling the tester’s attention to fill every remaining necessary input. That saves 10,000s of dollars for the applying company while staying accurate and saving real lives with it. While the product is ready for a while now, the IncQuery Labs team keeps working on advancing it. The latest, 2.1 version just got released this July with decent achievements.

As it’s known, a car’s electronic system for example, when tested, shows different results on a computer than on real-time targets, like CompactRIOs. InstaCoverage 2.1 fixes the differences by letting the test run on the real-time target itself and uploads the results to the system, from where it can be monitored.  

If you feel, your development could grow faster, don’t waste any more resources, try out our solution!

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