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August 28, 2018

As most of our followers already know, we like to share our thoughts on topics, we are working on and researching. That’s why we created the IncQuery Labs Academy, which grabs the term “open source” by the core. As part of our academic series, we have a tradition that follows us for years. Since we share not only our thoughts, but our office with others, there are plenty of fresh, talented minds coming to us through our intern programs. And as they bring fresh spirit to the atmosphere, their work also worth to be mentioned and for that, we put together a series of presentations from them to share with the wider audiences.

This year’s presenters were Szabó Áron, who was talking about the development of the InstaCoverage for the LabView NXG platforms, Gáti László, who presented about the query and validation of system-models in MagicDraw environment, Formanek András was speaking about the analyzation of video streams with the help of convolutional neural webs. There was also Román Dávid, who’s topic was the “Persistent index databases for the IncQuery Server”, Kis Zoltán on Developing text editor for the ALF language and last, but not least, Búr Márton about what’s new in the coupler frame system of Eclipse Simulink.

Though the presentations were kept in Hungarian, the slides are in English, so don’t hesitate, if you feel to open your mind!

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