Join Us at the Model Based Space Systems and Software Engineering Workshop 2023!

16 November 2023, Noordwijk
October 12, 2023

Get ready to embark on a journey into the fascinating world of space technology as we proudly announce our participation in the Model Based Space Systems and Software Engineering Workshop 2023 by the European Space Agency!

MBSE 2023 is part of the 17th Workshop on Avionics, Data, Control and Software Systems and the topic of the workshop is “reducing the gap between model-based systems engineering and domain-specific model-based approaches”. Picture it as a captivating set of round tables where visionaries from ESA and Industry come together to explore cutting-edge ideas. This workshop is not your average conference – it's a dynamic platform where innovation takes flight.

Our CTO, Ákos Horváth, will present our thought-provoking position statement "First Steps along the Road to Digital Engineering: The Promises (and Pitfalls) of SysML v2," distinguished as one of the top five most challenging submissions. Join us as we examine the shift to holistic Digital Engineering and the central role of SysML v2 in this process. We'll navigate through the anticipated challenges, including the reluctance of end-users to adopt new standards, obstacles faced by tool vendors in development, and the creation of innovative methodologies by consultants, all within the framework of the ongoing standardization efforts and academic research surrounding SysML v2.

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