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Our colleagues are giving a talk at the Budapest IoT Meetup about the company’s two succesful R&D projects.
April 10, 2017

Ákos Horváth and István Ráth co-founders and managing directors of IncQuery Labs are going to give a talk on Budapest IoT Meetup on 18 April in GE Digital (117-119 Váci út, Budapest) about the company’s two succesful R&D projects:

Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) put increasing demands on reliability, usability and flexibility; at the same time, lead time and cost efficiency are essential for industry competitiveness. European ITEA3’s OpenCPS research project includes 18 partners representing universities, research institutes, and industries from Sweden, France, Finland, and Hungary.

MoDeS3 stands for Model-based Demonstrator for Smart and Safe Systems. The main goal is to demonstrate the many cool and innovative ways in which open source modeling tools can be used for systems development in the age of Internet-of-Things.

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