Success of our colleague at scientific competition

We proudly congratulate Bence Beöthy for finishing on the 2nd place of the National Student’s Competitition of Science.
April 29, 2019

We proudly congratulate to Bence Beöthy, our colleague for finishing on the 2nd place of the National Student’s Competition of Science (OTDK)! In Hungary, the Student’s Competition of Science (TDK) is a long-living tradition of the universities, where students with researching and presenting attitudes can shine with their ideas in front of professional judges and each other. Even though the TDK is more about sharing knowledge, there is also a competition part behind it and the best contestant from each university get to show their best on a national round, the OTDK.

We aren’t only happy for Bence’s success, because he is part of our team, but he chose his topic from IncQuery-related researches, thus he could share advances to a wider audience. His topic was the “Life-cycle management of integrated softwares with graph-database technologies”. He wrote and talked about the design and development of an integrating platform that provides model-based solution for connecting data through different opened systems’ interface. The data-storing is happening on graph bases that lets the user handle and evaluate data from different sources much easier. Bence’s work was consulted by Dr. István Ráth and Dr. Ábel Hegedüs. Click here to read the essay!

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