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July 26, 2021

We are pleased to announce the relaunch of the website of our flagship product, the IncQuery Suite, which is a revolutionary product that helps you to streamline your systems engineering processes by breaking your valuable engineering data out of the vendor lock-in. IncQuery Suite efficiently pulls your data from disconnected, closed silos and transforms it into a globally connected, searchable and analyzable representation of your complete digital thread.  

The relaunched website features a brand new explainer video that demonstrate the problem of proprietary silos and how the IncQuery Suite addresses this challenge.

We have also added several case studies, including a case study describing our collaboration with NASA JPL, demonstrating how our product became an integral part of the engineering ecosystem of one of the leading aerospace research organizations.

Finally, the website now includes dedicated overview pages for all of the main components (Server, Desktop, Model Viewer, and Model Analyzer) to provide more in-depth information on their key features. In the upcoming month, we will cover all of these novelties in several posts.  

For the start, let us introduce the latest release that just has been launched with new features and improvements. Users of the IncQuery Model Viewer can now enjoy easier-to-use workflows and better browser performance. This release also includes an improved connector to Confluence, which – paired with the JIRA Connector – helps Atlassian users to incorporate wiki and ALM/PLM data with other data sources using the powerful capabilities of the IncQuery Model Analyzer.

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