Year 2022 in the Lowcomote Project

2022 was an eventful year in the Lowcomote project with several events, talks, and collaborations
January 19, 2023

2022 was a successful year in the Lowcomote project with several network events, a research collaboration, an online talk on the Researchers’ Night, and an industrial workshop.

The year started with network events. At these events, our Early-Stage Researcher (ESR), Benedek Horváth, presented his research progress about how to make model transformations and formal verification scalable by taking the benefit of the Cloud. Besides, he participated in the 2nd Lowcomote Hackathon and received training on team management, academic, and industrial career planning, opportunity recognition, and industrial business development.

In June, Benedek had a research collaboration with an ESR from IMT Atlantique. They worked on a multi-parameter benchmark framework to find the best parametrizations of software with many parameters. The results of the collaboration are published on GitHub.

In September, Benedek gave an online presentation on the annual Researchers’ Night. He talked about how IncQuery Suite can help find design and behavior errors in systems engineering models. A model railway track’s interlocking system model was used as a demonstration example. Check out the talk on our YouTube channel!  

Finally, we closed the year with an industrial workshop in Budapest. We invited industrial and academic partners to an open workshop. Attendees learned about the research results that emerged from the Lowcomote project. Besides, it gave an excellent opportunity for networking among the Early-Stage Researchers in the project and the external partners to discuss future collaborations and endeavors.

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