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Expert guidance and solutions – from separate engineering silos to your own digital fabric though a sophisticated blend of professional services and  adaptable products.

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  • Full service partner
  • Co-processing developer
  • Business innovator

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  • Complexity challenges
  • Boosting methodology buy-in
  • Closing productivity gaps

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  • Consultancy by experts
  • End-to-end toolchain architecture
  • Tailor-made tools
  • Excellence within budget
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The IncQuery Way of Collaboration:
A One-Stop Shop for Engineering Organizations

As your partner in digital engineering success, with our expert consultancy, seamless toolchain architecture, and bespoke engineering solutions, we deliver not just results, but excellence, all while keeping an eye on your budget. This is our mission: to craft your success in the digital engineering landscape.

Our solution architects and engineering experts team up with you to understand your unique challenges and goals. This collaboration ensures that our solutions are not just applied as they are but are fine-tuned through customizations to align perfectly with your specific requirements..

Case Studies

A deeper look into our success stories, organized along our four main service areas. Dive into real-life Digital Engineering through our case studies!

Model-Based Systems Engineering

We are a trusted partner for many in the adoption of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), providing expert consultancy to tackle integration, complexity, and consistency challenges with a full spectrum of specialized services. Our services include sophisticated toolchain architecture, comprehensive modeling and training, and a holistic approach to systems engineering that not only smooths out the adoption process but also boosts the entire engineering workflow.

MBSE case studies
Tool customisation illustrationTool integration illustration

Digital Thread & Digital Twins

Steer your digital engineering transformation confidently with our digital thread strategies, for efficiently bridging productivity gaps within complex integration and migration scenarios. Our approach not only refines engineering workflows but also bolsters the adoption and efficiency of MBSE practices, ensuring your solutions are both scalable and adaptable for the future.

DigitAl Thread case studies

Tool Development and Customization

We craft custom tooling solutions, working hand in hand with our clients to ensure that every tool is a precise match for their unique demands and challenges. Our services are specifically designed for creating add-ons and plug-ins, expertly tailored to seamlessly integrate with leading platforms like CATIA No Magic, Sparx Systems, IBM, and PTC, as well as development environments including Eclipse, Visual Studio, and IntelliJ. This bespoke approach guarantees an enhancement to your existing systems, providing you with tailored efficiency and a personalized edge in your engineering processes.

Tool customisation illustrationTool customisation illustration
Customization case studies

Platform Engineering

IncQuery equips organizations with comprehensive platform engineering services tailored for both deploying new tools and optimizing existing toolchains. We deliver a full suite of expertise that encompasses initial setup and configuration, ongoing maintenance and support, and performance optimization. Our team excels at integrating enterprise services, and we're committed to ensuring robust security, access control, and user management to safeguard and streamline your engineering processes.

Platform engineering Case Studies


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