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By partnering with IncQuery Labs, Teqball has boosted their innovation potential in the e-sports market. IncQuery Labs have transferred technology and know-how around AI and computer vision, helping our client on their journey towards a market-leading position.

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Teqball is a new sport, based on football (soccer). Teqball is not only a fun game that is played all over the world, but it is also a training tool for both professionals and amateurs to develop concentration and technical skills.  

Teqball aims to develop the world’s first equipment that can objectively measure the technical football skills of a player in a fun-filled way. This vision is meant to be realized by a family of high-tech add-ons to the game, known initially as the Teqbox concept.  

The goal of Teqbox technology is to track the ball and player automatically to enforce rules, evaluate scores, and to assess player skill development, in order to make it possible for players to analyze their performance and better their technique with unprecedented accuracy.  

Teqbox was originally envisioned as a professional setup consisting of sensors and cameras around the Teqball table, but the rapid pace of technology development made it possible to realize some aspects using mobile devices (Sqiller).

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IncQuery Labs has worked on Teqbox as an exclusive R&D partner of Teqball between 2015 and 2018. The project posed extreme challenges both in terms of technology and engineering. Teqbox is entirely new and innovative, and there’s nothing else currently like it on the market.

In the first phase of the project, the experts of IncQuery Labs have built a state-of-the-art data acquisition and processing system. The architecture combined the latest results of high-definition 3D computer vision, sensor fusion, and Internet-of-Things. Several custom tools have also been built to aid the development of such a complex system. These include a sensor and 3D video stream recorder and an event processing toolchain.

In the second phase of the continued collaboration, we aimed to perfect the technology developed in the first phase using Artificial Intelligence. As the release of the new iPhone X in 2018 proved to be a game-changer in terms of what is possible using a mobile device, we focused on high-speed pose and object tracking using a hand-held (i.e. non-stable) camera.  

In the final phase of our collaboration, we helped to build a new and dedicated development team for Teqball, who could continue on the foundations built during the R&D phases and develop the technology into a marketable product.

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The result of this technology transfer and the subsequent development at Teqball is now known as Sqiller – an innovative application that helps connecting people worldwide. With the new technology, football-lovers can participate in interactive challenges and games online through their phones. Players can either take part in interactive single-player challenges, having to follow the movements of the greatest football players in front of their phone’s camera. The application measures the accuracy of the players’ movements and gives a score according to how well they succeeded in mimicking the professional player. With more and more training, players can collect points, open new challenges and get further on their career path in the game. In “battle” mode, players can play against a randomly selected opponent from anywhere in the world or challenge a chosen friend. Both in Single Player and Battle mode, football-lovers need nothing more than their smartphone and a simple soccer ball.

The success of Teqbox and Sqiller represents our vision of technology transfer and is a testament to our top-notch research and development capabilities. We are proud of our tight collaboration with the Teqball team, which made them feel immersed and helped them strengthen their market-leader position in this new industry.

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