VINcoSIM: Web-Based Electrothermal Simulation

In this project, IncQuery Labs collaborated with Vincotech, a market leader in power modules, to create an easy-to-use, web-based simulation tool for testing power modules in a cost-effective manner and to support the fast and flexible decision making.

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Vincotech, an affiliate of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, is developing and manufacturing high-quality power modules for Motion Control, Renewable Energy and Power Supply markets. The company has embarked on a path of digitalization to speed up its processes and customer support.  

IncQuery Labs was tasked with creating a complex, web-based electrothermal simulation platform to assess how physical products will perform in real-world environments. A key goal to meet was to meet a pre-determined launch date, by working closely with the Vincotech team, who have supported us with the necessary domain expertise.

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We designed VINcoSIM, a system built on a generic, data-driven simulation algorithm with a complex modeling solution. The system can simulate anything as long as the input data is properly provided – this is supported by a data access layer, providing validation, and serving as an abstraction layer to simplify data structures. VINcoSIM also includes an authentication and authorization layer, to ensure that it meets the highest requirements for data integrity and data security.  Test results of simulations are immediately accessible via a web-based interface, and the user can save all output data as PDF reports.

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The new simulation platform makes it easier and faster for customers to compare and test products. Vincotech’s clients can now make virtual product audits before making an actual purchase. As a representative of our client, Gabor Manhertz PhD put it, „Vincotech was impressed by the state-of-the-art technologies, speed, efficiency and quality that IncQuery Labs operates with. Their open-minded thinking and proper selection from ideas and possibilities for the development is remarkable.”

The project is expected to continue introducing advanced features, such as mission profile simulation, which is important when it comes to products used in solar inverters for instance, where the diurnal changes in workload can affect lifespans.

Find out more about VINcoSIM at the product website.

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