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Accelerate your SysML Workflow with IncQuery Desktop

IncQuery Desktop is an add-on to CATIA No Magic MagicDraw / Cameo Systems Modeler that lets you write and evaluate structured model queries right inside the SysML environment.

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Use cases

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Help a System Analyst to reach a deeper understanding of a complex SysML project, by writing and evaluating complex graph queries.

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Accelerate the authoring workflow of a Systems Engineer by using powerful MagicDraw expressions inside active validation rules, relation maps, smart packages, dynamic tables and dependency matrixes, powered by instantaneous graph queries.


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Blazing fast querying allows IncQuery-based expressions and validation rules to run quickly even for very large SysML models.

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Instantaneous query re-evaluation allows active validation rules, smart packages, dynamic tables to update without any noticeable delay, even for very large SysML projects.

Main features

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MagicDraw plug-in with a built-in graph query engine based on Eclipse VIATRA.

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Rich query editor supports syntax highlight, content assist, query definition validation, in-line documentation, templates and more.

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Deep integration with MagicDraw: visualizing query results, Expressions, Smart Packages, Custom Tables, Relation Maps and Dependency Matrixes.

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The Complexity Challenge of Working with SysML

The challenge even experienced users of CATIA No Magic MagicDraw/Cameo Systems Modeler face lies in complexity. As SysML projects grow large with a lot of elements, packages, diagrams and external references, maintaining the overview as well as a deep understanding is difficult even for power users. MagicDraw offers features such as expressions, validation rules, custom tables, and smart packages, however, adding these to a large and complex project can cause slowdowns and loss of productivity.

Our solution

IncQuery Desktop

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IncQuery Desktop is an add-on for CATIA No Magic MagicDraw/Cameo Systems Modeler, offering a fast and efficient graph query engine for executing model queries right inside the SysML authoring tool. Its rich integration with MagicDraw allows for using query based expressions, to power smart packages, custom tables, relation maps, and more.

This makes it easier for MBSE practitioners to gain a deeper understanding of complex SysML models without sacrificing tool performance and overall producvity. Furthermore, instantaneous query re-evaluation allows to further streamline the design workflow by running active validation rules, dynamic tables and other similar features without any noticeable delay.

Key Features

Rich query editing for power users

The rich editor of IncQuery Desktop provides a convenient and efficient way of writing queries in the VIATRA Query Language (VQL). With features such as syntax highlighting, content assistance, query definition validation, in-line documentation, templates, and more, power users are able to quickly write and test model queries right inside their favorite SysML tool.

Deep integration with MagicDraw

IncQuery Desktop is the ideal solution for those working on large and complex projects. Deeply integrated with MagicDraw’s expressions, smart packages, relation maps, custom tables, and active validation rules, IncQuery Desktop provides a seamless and efficient way to gain a deeper understanding of a complex SysML project.

Blazing-fast querying and validation

What sets IncQuery Desktop apart from other solutions is its exceptional performance and speed. Whether you are working on a large-scale project or simply looking for a fast and efficient way to validate and customize your models, IncQuery Desktop has you covered. The VIATRA graph query engine can instantaneously re-validate your project and re-compute all of your customizations, such as smart packages, relation maps, and tables, making IncQuery Desktop the perfect choice for anyone in need of a reliable and efficient model validation and customization tool.

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