IncQuery goes to Japan

We are in a process of strengthening our presence on the Japanese market, supported by our automotive innovation portfolio and the upcoming AUTOSAR Open Conference 2024 in Tokyo.
November 8, 2023

Are you using systems engineering as part of your design endeavors? Are you an AUTOSAR and/or an Enterprise Architect user, looking for global partnerships?

The Austrian IncQuery Group, being among the trend-setters for an emerging new paradigm of digital engineering, offers a number of custom-tailored solutions in the field, the two most important being a validation and an integration component, taking automotive engineering to a next level. The IncQuery Validator for Enterprise Architect is a comprehensive software tool and CI/CD capable service designed for model validation and quality assurance, providing automated checking, analysis, and reporting capabilities for model-driven engineering projects, enabling users to enhance the reliability and correctness of their models and ensure compliance with desired constraints and standards through a user-friendly and customizable interface. The IncQuery AUTOSAR-UML Bridge is a DevOps-ready application to derive UML models from AUTOSAR projects, following an ISO26262 and Automotive SPICE compliant approach.

We are in a process of strengthening our presence on the Japanese market, currently supported by an upcoming major event: the AUTOSAR Open Conference 2024 taking place in Tokyo next summer. Parallelly, we pursue R&D funding possibilities for Hungarian-Japanese industrial collaborations. If you are interested and would like to follow up on these solutions and activities, navigate to this YouTube link to our April 2023 Webinar (length: 30 mins.), or get in touch with IncQuery or with our local reps. And then, of course, we hope to have a talk next June at AUTOSAR Open in Tokyo!

If you got interested, feel free to visit our webinars, reach out to us and discuss potential synergies in more depth!

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