What is

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What is

This is the symbol of IncQuery Desktop

incquery desktop?

IncQuery Desktop is an add-on to CATIA No Magic MagicDraw / Cameo Systems Modeler and lets you execute model queries locally. It can also take advantage of the IncQuery Server’s features, such as dependency analysis, to provide powerful model analysis features right within the familiar SysML authoring environment.



Create Your Own Validation Rules

As the VIATRA Query Language is a feature-rich textual specification language, IncQuery Desktop ships with a smart editor, with support for syntax highlight, content assist, query definition validation, in-line documentation, templates and more. IncQuery Desktop also contributes several useful components to MagicDraw’s user interface that are specifically designed for visualizing query results. This way, you can write even complex queries easily.

Fast Queries for UML and SysML

IncQuery Desktop saves queries and validation rules them into your projects, as part of the model annotated with a special profile. These can then be run on the IncQuery Server as well.
In addition, IncQuery Desktop also lets you take advantage of powerful MagicDraw/Cameo features such as Expressions, Smart Packages, Custom Tables, and Relation Maps which work much more efficiently and quickly when compared to other definition options.

Lightning-Fast Validation

IncQuery Desktop features a built-in high-performance model query engine that can run your queries directly on your currently opened project, without having to connect to the IncQuery Server. All queries and expressions are evaluated incrementally,  which means that even large projects with a lot of complex validation rules can be re-validated instantaneously, instead of having to wait minutes just to have an update on validation errors.

Reusable Validation Libraries

IncQuery Desktop ships with several built-in validation rule libraries, supporting commonly used profiles such as SysML, UAF, UPDM and others. These rules contain validation logic as specified in the OMG standard. Other open-source libraries, e.g. SAIC’s Digital Engineering Validation Tool, are also available.



in the IncQuery Suite:


IncQuery Suite is delivered as a subscription-based solution,
licenses are available in three tiers:

starter plan

Up to 5 User Accounts

IncQuery Server, Model Viewer, Model Analyzer included

IncQuery Desktop as add-on

Your choice of additional connectors

team plan

Up to 25 User Accounts

IncQuery Server, Model Viewer, Model Analyzer included

IncQuery Desktop included

Your choice of additional connectors

enterprise plan

Unlimited User Accounts

IncQuery Server, Model Viewer, Model Analyzer included

IncQuery Desktop included

Clustering support

Your choice of additional connectors

Additional Services Available for All Plans

Consulting & Custom Development
Should you need assistance in customizing and extending your toolchain and tailoring IncQuery Solutions to your needs, the expert team of IncQuery Labs is ready to help you with world-class services.
Our team of experts is ready to help you with anything, from basic user questions to complex tasks, such as installation, or integration with other tools. Drop us a question or if you already have a subscription, explore our Knowledge Base!
We are happy to provide trainings in a wide range of topics, including writing queries and validation rules, analysis best practices, integration and automation via Python and Jupyter notebooks or Jenkins workflows.
Additional Connectors
These are available as add-ons to any plan:
  • MBSE tools: MagicDraw, Teamwork Cloud, Capella, AUTOSAR
  • Simulation tools: Modelon Impact, Modelica, Simulink
  • ALM/PLM tools: JIRA, Jama, Polarion, TeamCenter
  • Reporting tools: Excel, Jupyter Notebooks, Confluence
  • Software engineering tools: Generic XML, TestRail, Artifactory, Git/Github, XLRelease, Jenkins, Smart Bear Collaborator

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Ábel Hegedüs PhD

Head of Product

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