What is

incquery Model analyzer ?

Built on the popular Project Jupyter framework that powers data analysis applications across many industries, IncQuery Model Analyzer provides a set of Python libraries to connect the services provided by the IncQuery Server into Jupyter notebooks that can be deployed to Jupyter-compatible hosting services such as the JupyterHub built into the IncQuery Server.



Standard and Custom Model Validation

With IncQuery Model Analyzer, your engineering models can be checked against built-in and custom validation and analysis rules defined by queries in one of the languages supported by the IncQuery Server.



in the IncQuery Suite:


IncQuery Suite is delivered as a subscription-based solution,
licenses are available in three tiers:

starter plan

Up to 2 User Accounts

All IncQuery Suite Solutions

team plan

Up to 25 User Accounts

All IncQuery Suite Solutions

enterprise plan

Unlimited User Accounts

Kubernetes/Helm Elastic Scaling

All IncQuery Suite Solutions

Additional Services Available for All Plans

Consulting & Custom Development
Should you need assistance in customizing and extending your toolchain and tailoring IncQuery Solutions to your needs, the expert team of IncQuery Labs is ready to help you with world-class services.
Our team of experts is ready to help you with anything, from basic user questions to complex tasks, such as installation, or integration with other tools. Explore our Knowledge Base or drop us a support request!
We are happy to provide trainings in a wide range of topics, including writing queries and validation rules, analysis best practices, Python programming and Jupyter notebooks.
Additional Connectors
These are available as add-ons to any plan:
  • SysML tools: MagicDraw, Teamwork Cloud
  • Simulation tools: Modelon Impact, Modelica, Simulink
  • ALM/PLM: JIRA, Jama, Polarion, TeamCenter
  • Reporting tools: Excel, Jupyter Notebooks, Confluence
  • Software engineering tools: Generic XML, TestRail, Artifactory, Git/Github, XLRelease, Jenkins, Smart Bear Collaborator

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