What is

IncQuery Model Validator


The Validator enables engineers to get direct and comprehensible feedback, in the form of a web-based report, on the quality of what they do and how they are doing it: it comes with built-in, automated validation and analysis for SysML and its dialects, AUTOSAR and many more, smoothly integrating into your DevOps infrastructure.

Key Features

Ready for DevOps
The Validator can be deployed as a stand-alone application, but it also integrates seamlessly into your DevOps environment and any CI/CD pipeline.

In particular, it makes the validation results easily accessible and comprehensible for various stakeholders.
Tool-independent, web-based reports
The reports produced by the Validator do not only reflect all the relevant aspects of the inspected engineering domain, they also come with visualizations and various reporting formats that are easy to understand and can be accessed from anywhere - even from your browser.

Furthermore, the results can be customized, classified, grouped, and exported in all the relevant formats (CSV, JSON, HTML, PDF, Excel, ...).
Error Inspection and Elimination
The Validator even offers you hints to help the process of error elimination. By linking validation results with the Viewer and the Analyzer, you get an all-round solution for a convenient error inspection and elimination experience.


Ruleset for SysML Models in TeamWork Cloud

This ruleset helps you in easily creating validation reports for any revision of any SysML project stored on a Teamwork Cloud repository​. The ruleset consists of constraints derived from the SysML 1.6 standard, as well as extensions to the most relevant profiles and libraries used by the industry (such as SAIC, UPDM and UAF).

Besides our built-in validation goals, it is also easy to extend the scope of SysML validation to your own profiles and use-cases, using the three built-in, established query engines or any other environment of your choice via our integration features. We are also happy to help you - also in migrating your legacy validation rulesets (given in OCL, Python, as structured expressions, etc.) into our ecosystem.

Enterprise Architect Ruleset

This ruleset offers essential validation features for UML/SysML models created in Enterprise Architect. From basic UML conformance to profile-related well-formedness criteria (including SysML), the ruleset additionally contains the SysML for TeamWork Cloud ruleset (see above) - with the same levels of customizability end extensebility.


This ruleset covers all your needs in validating your AUTOSAR-based automotive models. We have derived hundreds of rules, fully covering the 4.3.1 version of the AUTOSAR standard for full coverage.

On top, we implement the modeling constraints coming from the most important specification template such as the Software Component Template, the ECU-C Template and more. Like all our rulesets, this one is also easily adaptable to your actual use-cases and AUTOSAR best practices.

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