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What is

This is the symbol of IncQuery Server

incquery server?

IncQuery Server is the core of the IncQuery Suite, an enterprise-class application that enables querying, analyzing and visualizing data. It connects to engineering repositories, extracts data and converts it into a knowledge graph that can be easily accessed and processed further.



Powerful Queries at Your Fingertips

IncQuery Server supports several ways of querying,
validating and analyzing your engineering data.
Lightning-Fast Analysis
The Eclipse VIATRA Query Language (VQL) is the best-in-class graph query language that is powerful and versatile like database query languages. However, thanks to the in-memory VIATRA Engine, it is lightning-fast and can accelerate your analysis workflows. Optimized for quick analysis results within the scope of a single project, VQL supports writing simple and complex validation rules and organizing them into reusable query libraries.
RDF and SPARQL at Your Fingertips
IncQuery Server can generate a standard RDF-compliant representation of the knowledge graph and run SPARQL queries across several projects, taking advantage of the Amazon Neptune back-end service. This type of analysis is best suited for working with tools that have OSLC interfaces as they have a native RDF-compliant data model.
Full-Text Search Support
In many cases, structural query languages such as VQL or SPARQL may be too complex to perform simple searches. Therefore, IncQuery Server supports full-text search using simple search terms or property expressions in the Apache Lucene syntax, as supported by ElasticSearch.  
Easier Library Maintenance
SysML projects are often built using reusable libraries, such as custom profiles or library projects. IncQuery Server helps the maintenance of such libraries using the Dependency Analysis feature, which makes it easy to discover cross-project references across all versions and in a global project scope, on the model element level.

Knowledge Graph

The Knowledge Graph is the searchable and analyzable representation of your complete digital thread. Encompassing engineering data from several sources, the Workspace Manager is used to access and configure this engineering data lake.
IncQuery Server connects to your engineering tools using connectors. These typically access repositories such as OpenMBEE MMS, Teamwork Cloud, or the back-end services of tools such as Jama, JIRA or Modelon Impact. Connectors are used to automatically extract engineering data in a way that doesn’t interfere with the normal operation, but at the same time creates a complete and deep copy of your valuable engineering data and metadata, organized into workspaces.

This knowledge graph representation is specifically optimized for querying and analysis purposes, and also allows you to integrate data originating from different tools.

Enterprise-Grade Access Control

IncQuery Server is secure by design. Supported authentication schemes include LDAP, OAuth and OpenID Connect.

The architecture ensures that all access to data and services conforms to fine-grained access control rules, supporting policies on the level of organizations, projects, and even individual operations. Thus, IncQuery Server helps you protect highly sensitive information by making sure only project stakeholders can run queries and view project revisions, while restricting resource management tasks can be safely delegated to administrators whose activities are subject to audit trail logging.

Easy Deployment

IncQuery Server can be deployed on-premises, on internal networks and private servers, as well as on any cloud-based infrastructure such as OpenShift, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud.

Smooth Installation
As IncQuery Server is built using modern containerization technology, you can forget complicated installation procedures. The installation package comes in the form of fine-tuned Docker containers that can run on any Docker Engine while also providing all the required configuration options.
Simplified Workflow
To ease working with multiple containers and their associated configurations, networking and volumes, the Enterprise tier subscription provides out-of-the box support for Kubernetes-based orchestration using Helm charts.

Flexible Integration with OpenAPI

All the functionality offered by the IncQuery Server is accessible via industry-standard OpenAPI interfaces.

This means that you can easily take advantage of the features from your own application, be it a Jupyter notebook, a custom web-based application or another server-side service. OpenAPI supports many modern programming languages such as Python, JavaScript, Java, C# and many more. All API access is done using secure protocols and subject to authentication and authorization mechanisms.

It is also very easy to automate complex engineering workflows using popular platforms such as Jenkins, e.g. automated validation after version control commits, nightly report generation, or project export/import.



in the IncQuery Suite:


IncQuery Suite is delivered as a subscription-based solution,
licenses are available in three tiers:

starter plan

Up to 5 User Accounts

IncQuery Server, Model Viewer, Model Analyzer included

IncQuery Desktop as add-on

Your choice of additional connectors

team plan

Up to 25 User Accounts

IncQuery Server, Model Viewer, Model Analyzer included

IncQuery Desktop included

Your choice of additional connectors

enterprise plan

Unlimited User Accounts

IncQuery Server, Model Viewer, Model Analyzer included

IncQuery Desktop included

Clustering support

Your choice of additional connectors

Additional Services Available for All Plans

Consulting & Custom Development
Should you need assistance in customizing and extending your toolchain and tailoring IncQuery Solutions to your needs, the expert team of IncQuery Labs is ready to help you with world-class services.
Our team of experts is ready to help you with anything, from basic user questions to complex tasks, such as installation, or integration with other tools. Drop us a question or if you already have a subscription, explore our Knowledge Base!
We are happy to provide trainings in a wide range of topics, including writing queries and validation rules, analysis best practices, integration and automation via Python and Jupyter notebooks or Jenkins workflows.
Additional Connectors
These are available as add-ons to any plan:
  • MBSE tools: MagicDraw, Teamwork Cloud, Capella, AUTOSAR
  • Simulation tools: Modelon Impact, Modelica, Simulink
  • ALM/PLM tools: JIRA, Jama, Polarion, TeamCenter
  • Reporting tools: Excel, Jupyter Notebooks, Confluence
  • Software engineering tools: Generic XML, TestRail, Artifactory, Git/Github, XLRelease, Jenkins, Smart Bear Collaborator

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